As January is a month of sickness and inclement weather, please take the time to read through our "Weather" and "Sickness" policies to stay up to date. 

Sickness Policy

If your child or anyone in your family may potentially be ill due to any form of sickness we request your family stay home from class. This includes parents and siblings entering the building as they may pass germs on to others when coming in. Sickness spreads very quickly and we want to keep the environment at  Grassland Dance Academy healthy at all times. If your child starts to feel ill during his or her class, we will call the parent immediately and the child will need to be picked up from his or her class at that time. Please be sure you adhere to this policy for a happy and healthy place to dance.

Weather Policy

Grassland Dance Academy will make the most accurate call on holding class in the event of severe weather with the safety of everyone in mind. We will try our best to hold classes, but we will make the best decision based off of the road conditions to and from the studio. Please keep an eye out for an email at least two hours prior to your child’s class time on classes being held or canceled. You can also follow us on Instagram @gda5678  or Facebook for updates on class information.